BASALT-PARKours Beilstein

Brief description

A secluded spot is the BASALT-PARKours, which stretches along the Ulmbach between the castle and the Beilstein sports field, the Basalt Arena.

Detailed description

The BASALT-PARKours is on the one hand a small oasis of peace and on the other hand a small open-air museum on the subject of basalt. It is thus a complement to the Basalt Park in Bad Marienberg or the Stöffel Park in Enspel.

Why a PARKours?

Basalt has always played a major role in Beilstein and is still quarried here today. In times when the stones were still worked by hand, the quarries provided a considerable number of jobs. Basalt is versatile in its use. Whether in large format as stele, boulder and wall stone, crushed as gravel and fine chippings or melted and spun into stone wool. It is impossible to imagine the building industry without the "black gold".

The stations:

- Spherical basalt from the Reitelsberg

- Tipper shack

- Basalt wall

- Seating area

- Dry stone wall

- Footpath

- Fountain

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Text: Gemeinde Greifenstein

Contact and directions

unterhalb Sportplatz "Basalt-Arena"
35753 Greifenstein-Beilstein