Barfußpfad Kurtscheid

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So what is a barefoot path? You can read on the net: A barefoot path is a path that is walked "down without". In this way, the feet are not only likely to get some fresh air, but can also feel various mineral properties and more. Which minerals or which material is used depends on what you want to do to the soles of your feet! After a certain period of time, you can also fill individual fields with other materials in order to feel new things with your feet, so that the barefoot path retains its charm!

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Detailed description

The barefoot path in Kurtscheid is located along the kindergarten at the foot of the lookout tower. It is equipped as follows: If you walk it with "de bläcke Fööss", you walk over a short "run-up lawn", then 15 fields begin. Of these, 7 fields are covered with grass, in order to be able to neutralize the feet again and again. In the 1st field it goes off still gently on sand, in the 3rd field tree disks expect the users. In the 5th field it gets a bit rougher, here we find a medium lava granulation. In the 7th field the visitors enter coarse gravel. In the 9th field one must already overcome oneself to walk on wood chips. One welcomes it then in the 11th field rather on a "mild" stone granulation to move. In the 13th field the barefoot friends expect round woods, as our forest produces them. Now we have the goal in mind and in the 15th field we also step on logs, this time planed and with gravel in between, to then leave the path over wood chips or grass. Now we know how our feet felt the different surfaces.

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