Hiking Trail

Bad Marienberg - In the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp (permanent hiking trail 10 km)

Route profile

Length / Distance 9,0 km
Rise 176 hm
Descent 176 hm
Duration 2,5 h
Highest point 565 hm
Lowest point 450 hm


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Brief description

Permanent hiking trail " Discover in the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp" on the short tour of 10 km.


- From Cologne: A3 exit Hennef/Sieg via B8 and B414 to Bad Marienberg.

- From Frankfurt: A3 exit Limburg via B54 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Dortmund: A45 exit Haiger/Burbach via B54 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Gießen: A45 exit Herborn via B255 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Koblenz: A48 and A3 exit Montabaur via B255 to Bad Marienberg

Public transport

By train to the Nistertal or Westerburg stop. Continue by bus to Bad Marienberg, bus stop Neuerweg.

Bus line 116 and 483


kostenfreier Parkplatz am MarienBad.


At the entrance to the MarienBad, cross Bismarckstraße and turn right; 20 m past the barrier, turn left along Basaltpark until you reach the upper entrance to Basaltpark. Here we keep half-left, cross a tarred path and walk uphill towards Hedwigsturm. On a clear day, it is worth making a detour and climbing up. Above the hotel, past the Steig-Rast, we turn left into the wildlife park.

Attention: Separation of routes here:

5 km hikers go right.

10 km hikers keep to the left.

Before the Steig-Alm, we turn right across the playground to the climbing forest. Here we turn left in front of the climbing forest. After about 50 m we keep left again. Here we follow the path markings to the next cross path and turn right. At the end of the forest, turn right again along the Sonnenweg (attention SK1), then straight ahead across a crossroads. Behind a right-hand bend, go slightly uphill for about 350 m (Caution SK2). We follow the next cross path to the right, after another 400 m we turn left (Trimm-Dich-Pfad). At the second left turn, we take a narrow path to the right to the Kleiner Wolfstein. At the next crossroads we go left downhill again and after 50 m turn right to the Großer Wolfstein. We go straight on at the following crossroads and turn right at the next cross path.

About 30 m before the Wilhelmshütte, we take a sharp left until we reach the corner of a clearing (attention: SK3). We turn right and cross a crossroads. Now we see a factory building, turn right and pass a water treading pool. At the "Sonnenhof" (senior citizens' centre) we go straight on in the direction of the wildlife park. At the wild boar enclosure we turn left, pass the swan pond and then reach a tarred path. We keep left, after 50 m turn right into Berliner Straße. After another 150 m, turn right into "Seniorenallee". Following the signs "Basaltpark/MarienBad" we reach the L293 road. However, we turn right before the L293 into the Basaltpark to the starting point MarienBad.

Safety instructions

The hiking trail is insured against third-party liability claims. There is accident insurance for participants. The insurance cover applies to accidents that occur on the marked routes between the start time and the finish time, provided that the participant is in possession of a valid start card with name and full address.

The hiking trail is passable all year round. The hiking trail is not gritted or cleared of snow.


Wear sturdy shoes and appropriate, weatherproof clothing that protects you from cold and wet or heat and sun.


MarienBad, Bismarckstraße 65, 56470 Bad Marienberg

Starting Point

MarienBad, Bismarckstraße 65, 56470 Bad Marienberg

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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