Arwed Angerer - Ceramix

Brief description

The focus of my work is on the contrast and relationship between the living surfaces created by wood firing and the clear geometric shapes of my objects.
Contrary to today's usual burning methods with gas or electricity.

Detailed description

I am fascinated by the original burning with wood, because the flames come directly into contact with the pieces and the salts and ashes produced by the burning create lively surfaces. These processes are never exactly predictable or planable.

I deliberately contrast this spontaneous, lively element with planned, built forms - the lively surfaces complement the calm basic forms in an exciting way.
For me, my ceramics also symbolize the experience of life in the broader sense, as they sometimes elude our planning attempts and work against our control needs. Ultimately, however, it must form a unity with these.

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Contact and directions

Brunnenstraße 11 a
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen