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The more than 70 different plants promote and support the preservation of the native animal world by providing food and a home for birds, lizards and insects. Even if the first impression leaves an untidy picture, here the naturalness is in the foreground. A brushwood pile, wild herbs(weeds) and dead wood do not fit in a "cultural garden", but in this natural garden. A special appeal is given by the different thematic sections such as the "nave", the tunnel path, the orchard, the forest garden throughout the year. The arboretum was created by the Heimat und Verschönerungsverein (HUV) Straßenhaus, under the direction of Klaus Kudis, in 2010. The 12,000 square meters of vegetation include an approximately 1.3 kilometer long circular path with a panoramic view over Jahrsbach-Aubachtal and several park benches inviting you to relax. The park landscape is located directly south of the industrial park east. The affectionately attached signposts contain names of the attached plants.

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Discover interesting shrubs and woody plants! The term arboretum is derived from the Latin word "arbor" (Latin for tree) or "arbustum" (Latin for shrub-tree plantation). Behind the foreign-sounding term arboretum hides: An arboretum is a publicly accessible collection of free-growing trees and shrubs, it can consist of native and also exotic woody plants. In very simple terms, an arboretum is a collection of trees or woody plants. This botanical collection allows the visitor to individually discover the special world of woody plants in a relaxed way or simply to find peace from everyday life.

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56587 Straßenhaus


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