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The Alvens Life Tunnel in Burglahr

The Alvensleben tunnel in Burglahr belongs to the Louise mine. In order to reach the valuable iron ore of the so-called "Horhausener Gangzug", the approx. 1.5 km long Alvensleben tunnel was hewn from Burglahr to the ore passage under the "Gabeler Kopf" in 29 years from 1835. Before that, the ore passage was reached through the Louisenstollen, which is set in the Lahrbach valley. Since the ore could only be mined "upwards" at that time due to the accumulating mine water, it was decided to build the Alvensleben tunnel in the lower Wiedtal. This allowed a further 30 metres of the iron ore passage to be mined upwards. In 1930 the tunnel was closed due to unprofitability.

... Today
From 1988 onwards, mining enthusiasts and descendants of former miners from the region began to rebuild the gallery into a visitor's gallery. Guided tours through the gallery can still be booked today. The Alvens Life Tunnel impresses with its dead straight construction despite the few technical aids available at that time, with a variety of colorful minerals and also with a very clean air, which has been proven to cure respiratory diseases such as asthma. Especially for schools, kindergartens and as a company excursion destination, but also for private persons, the Alvens Life Tunnel offers a varied insight into the regional history, culture and nature. The technically experienced staff offers the clientele adapted and thus for everyone interesting guidance in the tunnel and lectures in the tunnel house beside the mouth hole of the Alvensleben tunnel.

Contact person:
Albert Schäfer (honorary guide for groups through the Alvensleben tunnel): 02687/8697
Website of the Alvensleben tunnel: www.vg-altenkirchen-flammersfeld.de/freizeit-und-tourismus/kultur-und-bildung/bergbaugeschichte

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Current information

We would like to inform you that due to technical renovation works the tunnel is not open for visits.

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The dead straight water solution tunnel from 1835.

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Abzw. von Kurkölner-Straße auf den alten Bahndamm
57632 Burglahr