Alte Pfarrkirche auf dem Schönberg bei Kölbingen

Detailed description

The more than 500-year-old "Old Parish Church on Schönberg" is a Gothic gem, where regular church services are held in the summer months and which is especially popular with bridal couples for the celebration of their church wedding. Usually a mass is held on Tuesday evenings at 18.30 in the old church on Schönberg. More information: koelbingen.liebfrauen-westerburg.de By the way, the church is not far from the Westerburg-Wallmerod cycle path! From here starts a round trip of about 9 kilometres. There are parking spaces available at the church and a route description (which you should take a picture of) - make sure you follow the correct markings, which are also displayed here. Have fun hiking in this beautiful area! More information: www.koelbingen.de/index.php (Translated from DeepL.)

Brief description

The church on the Schönberg near Kölbingen is not far from the Westerburg-Wallmerod bicycle path. And from here also starts an approximately 9 kilometer long circular hiking trail (also geocaching trail), which is well signposted. (DeepL)

Contact and directions

Rossmarkt 4
65549 Limburg an der Lahn