Bad Marienberg

Alpaca farm Pegasus

Brief description

Get to know these extraordinary animals, an experience for the whole family!

Detailed description

Welcome to the alpaca farm!

Discover the world of alpacas, a domesticated camel species from the South American Andes. These gentle creatures are not only known for their luxurious wool, but are also appreciated for their calm and peaceful character.

At the ‘Pegasus’ alpaca farm, you have the opportunity to learn more about these enchanting animals. Take part in the guided walks and experience the unique bond between humans and alpacas. Be inspired by their serenity and tranquillity as you walk through picturesque landscapes.

For those who want to discover their creative side, there are also handicraft workshops on alpaca wool. Learn how to make beautiful pieces from the natural fibre, from warm jumpers to elegant accessories.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break in nature or want to improve your craft skills, the alpaca farm welcomes you. 

Contact and directions

Nisterstraße 4
56472 Lautzenbrücken