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Accredited as a Wanderbares Deutschland Quality Trail

Our aim is to tailor the WesterwaldSteig trail to your requirements.

Deutscher Wanderverband, the German hiking association, has drawn up a list of criteria, including nine core criteria and 23 optional criteria, for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a hiking trail as accurately and objectively as possible.

In the core criteria, there is a special focus on natural paths, user-friendly route markers, diversity and things to see and do. The optional criteria look at the path format, the guidance system, nature/landscape and culture and civilisation.

The WesterwaldSteig trail passed this test with flying colours!

On 4 September 2009, the long-distance trail was awarded the Wanderbares Deutschland Quality Trail label at the TourNatur hiking and trekking fair in Düsseldorf, and successfully renewed its accreditation in September 2012 and 2015.

Quality is our top priority! Come and see for yourself!


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