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Nordwind der im Juni weht, nicht im besten Rufe steht.

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Always on the right path!

The green "W" shows the way.

Route markers/signposts

Route markers

If you follow the green “W” along the WesterwaldSteig trail, you will always be on the right path. The clearly visible route markers, a green “W” on a white background, can be found along the 235 km trail wherever paths diverge or cross, and every 200 m or so for peace of mind.

The green "W" on a yellow background is used in the same way to mark access paths between the WesterwaldSteig trail and car parks, stations and the many tourist highlights and attractions.


Hundreds of signposts along the WesterwaldSteig and the access paths tell you how far it is to the towns, villages and attractions along the route. The pictograms on the signposts provide an overview of the facilities at these destinations, including accommodation and public transport.

Path management

A professional path management team dedicated to the WesterwaldSteig trail looks after the existing hiker guidance and information system around the clock to ensure that you will always know where you are along the WesterwaldSteig trail. Our aim is for you to be able to keep track of where you are going easily and arrive at your destination safely.

If you notice missing or damaged route markers or signposts while walking, please report them directly to our path manager, Barbara Sterr (

Route diversions

Our tour planner will keep you informed of any temporary route diversions. The relevant notes can be found in the information relating to the individual stages.


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