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Ist der Januar gelind, die Trauben im Oktober trefflich sind.

Location Montabaur
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The Westerwald is characterised by sweeping fields and meadows, hills and valleys, basalt outcrops, blue lakes and streams.

The natural diversity of the region is impressive. In many places in the Westerwald/Naturregion Sieg you can still find traces of local social reformer Friedrich-Wilhelm Raiffeisen. In the Hessischer Westerwald you can see Greifenstein Castle and grand half-timbered buildings. The Kroppacher Schweiz has delightful little paths and romantic views, as well as seven idyllic lakes on the Westerwälder Seenplatte. Would you like to reach new heights? Then take a walk to Fuchskaute (657 m), the highest point in the Westerwald, with fantastic views of the Hoher Westerwald. The Kannenbäckerland is known around the world for its grey-blue, salt-glazed clay jugs. The Gelbach Valley in the Südlicher Westerwald is an inviting area for hiking, while Montabaur boasts a yellow castle presiding on a hill over the town. The Naturpark Rhein-Westerwald attracts visitors to the wonderful Wied Valley.

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