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Region Westerwald / Naturregion Sieg

In the far north......

The northernmost part of the Westerwald is where the Westerwald meets Bergisches Land and the Siegerland. It is an area with many distinctive natural features. The legendary druid stone near Kirchen-Herkersdorf – a basalt pyramid of volcanic origin – is not just a striking natural monument, but also a focus point of many hiking routes, including the Natursteig Sieg trail. The Ruhr-Sieg cycle route is a paradise for cyclists, following a disused railway line for most of the way and connecting the Westerwald with the Sauerland and the southern Ruhr area. A 115 km signposted route from Kirchen (Sieg) to Meschede on the Ruhr offers fun cycling opportunities. Passing Schönstein Castle at Wissen, built around 1100, the route takes you to the moated Crottorf Castle in the Wildenburger Land region, that was built in 1550 and was described as “a piece of paradise that fell from heaven” by an Italian artist working on the stuccoed ceiling.

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen...

Raiffeisenland, a region that stretches from Hamm/Sieg to Neuwied, was named after the social reformer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, who was born here. The stages of his life are documented along the Raiffeisen Route. Marienthal Abbey, a 300-year-old pilgrimage destination, is an inviting place to meditate surrounded by nature. On a clear day, the 34 m Raiffeisen tower on the Beulskopf mountain in Altenkirchen offers amazing views of the Siebengebirge and Eifel mountain ranges, while the Felsenkeller in Altenkirchen hosts wonderful cultural events.

Ore mining...

On the A3 Cologne–Frankfurt motorway you cannot miss the over 70 m high Georg Mine head tower, a conspicuous landmark and reminder of the ore mining boom that lasted until the mid-1960s. Iron ore, along with basalt, slate and clay, used to dominate life in the Northern Westerwald. The mining museum in Herdorf offers surprising glimpses into the fascinating world of minerals. For a more adventurous experience, visitors can take a trip underground in the Bindweide mine in Steinebach/Sieg, where a narrow-gauge railway trundles 1.4 km through the mountain. It also stops at the old powder chamber, where couples can now tie the knot.

Tourist Informationen

Tourist-Information Druiden.Hexen.SiegerLand

Lindenstraße 3
57548 Kirchen (Sieg)
+49 27 41/68 8850


Tourist-Information Hamm (Sieg)

Scheidter Straße 11
57577 Hamm (Sieg)
+49 26 82/96 97 89


Tourist-Information Daaden-Herdorf

Bahnhofstraße 4
57567 Daaden-Herdorf
+49 27 43/92 90


Tourist-Information Betzdorf-Gebhardshain

Hellerstraße 2
57518 Betzdorf-Gebhardshain
+49 27 41/29 11 18


Tourist-Information Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld

Rheinstraße 17
57632 Flammersfeld
+49 2681/85-193 und -249


Tourist-Information Wisserland

Bahnhofstraße 2 (im RegioBahnhof)
57537 Wissen
+49 27 42/26 86