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Naturpark Rhein-Westerwald/Wiedtal

An area of stunning scenery. Surrounded by the wide green spaces of the Westerwald and bordered on the west by the romantic Rhine River, the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park belongs to the green heart of the Westerwald mountain region.
Invigorating fresh air and unspoilt nature are combined here with a large number of attractions, festivals and wonderful traditions. The seasons form a colourful framework for activities between the RheinSteig and WesterwaldSteig long-distance hiking trails.

A visit to Kloster Ehrenstein, an abbey in the Wied Valley between Neustadt/Wied and Peterslahr, is a worthwhile experience. Then there are castles, like Reichenstein in Puderbacher Land, and the historic town of Dierdorf, once the home of princes, which also has a modern Aquafit indoor swimming pool. There is plenty to explore. For cyclists, the route through Puderbacher Land is a must – excellently signposted and far from the traffic on the main roads.
Hikers and cyclists can enjoy views of pretty villages in Asbacher Land, and from the head tower of the disused Georg Mine on the A3, the green hills and valleys seem to spread out like a toy landscape.
There is fun to be had in the delightful surroundings of the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park: as well as the attractive hiking trails in Rengsdorfer Land and in the Wied Valley, there are also canoe tours and boating on the romantic Wied river.
The pleasant Wied Valley runs through the heart of the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park. High up on the mountain, the convent of the Waldbreitbach Franciscan Sisters dominates the surrounding landscape. It has a herb garden, a creation trail and the Mother House containing the sarcophagus of Mother Rosa, the order’s founder. Opposite the convent, in the valley, the WesterwaldSteig trail runs through the middle of the St Josefshaus monastery grounds in Hausen.
The place is even more peaceful in the winter, when the stars in the sky above Waldbreitbach appear to be polished by angels. The Waldbreitbach Christmas village boasts the world’s largest nativity scene made from root wood, and plenty of festive attractions.

Tourist Informationen

Tourist-Information Bad Hönningen

Neustraße 2 a
53557 Bad Hönningen
+49 26 35/22 73


Tourist-Information Dierdorf

Poststraße 5
56269 Dierdorf
+49 26 89/291 0


Tourist-Information Asbach

53567 Asbach
+49 26 83/912 254


Tourist-Information Puderbach

Hauptstr. 13
56305 Puderbach
+49 26 84/85 81 60


Tourist-Information Wiedtal

Neuwieder Str. 61
56588 Waldbreitbach
+49 26 38/40 17


Tourist-Information Rengsdorf

Westerwaldstr. 32 - 34
56579 Rengsdorf
+49 26 34/61-113


Naturpark Rhein-Westerwald

Augustastraße 7-8
56564 Neuwied
+49 26 31/9 56 60 36