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Hoher Westerwald/Wäller Land

657 m above sea level is as high as it gets – even in the High Westerwald. Fuchskaute, the highest point in the Westerwald, not only offers treasures such as wild orchids and rare alpine plants, but is also the place where two certified quality hiking trails cross: the Rothaarsteig and the WesterwaldSteig.
Most of the visitors to the High Westerwald around the town of Rennerod probably come for the hiking. The Salzburger Kopf, the second highest point in the Westerwald at 653 m, is right on the doorstep here. Watersports enthusiasts will find all kinds of relaxing and refreshing activities at the Krombachtalsperre reservoir. Another attraction in the High Westerwald is the unspoilt, romantic Holzbachschlucht gorge, which is about one kilometre long and up to 30 metres deep, where the Holzbach river has carved a path deep into the basalt rock.
Bad Marienberg, the only spa town in the Westerwald, is the perfect place for a longer stay. Hikers can refresh their tired feet on the barefoot path with its 18 different surfaces. The Bad Marienberg high ropes centre by the deer park offers fun and adventures in the forest: ten courses with over 100 climbing elements take visitors through the treetops at heights of between three and 12 metres. An unforgettable experience for the whole family!


At Stöffel Park, a geological and industrial theme park, visitors can trace 25 million years of the earth’s history and learn about a century of basalt mining, which has been impressively documented. The 80-hectare Wiesensee lake near Westerburg attracts lots of visitors because of the beautiful scenery and the wide range of sports and leisure activities on offer. Why not go Nordic walking around the lake? Or on a bike ride along a disused railway line away from the traffic. Setting out from Westerburg, you will reach Wallmerod after 11 km, and from there it is not far to Neuroth, a former moated chateau in Bilkheim.

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Tourist-Information Wäller Land am Wiesensee

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