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Hessischer Westerwald

The Hessian Westerwald offers a wide range of attractions, including hiking, culture and good food. The beautiful half-timbered town of Herborn has a delightful old centre with monuments marking 800 years of history, as well as a bird park in the district of Uckersdorf.
Dillenburg is the ancestral seat of the Dutch royal family. There are museums, numerous places of interest, picturesque half-timbered buildings and plenty of other things to see. The town of Haiger was first mentioned in 778 and the parish church dates from around this time. The     museum of local history and the linen and lace museum are also worth seeing, as is the historical Hauberg in the district of Offdilln.
Greifenstein Castle is a regional landmark visible for miles around. Experience a thousand years of German bell-making and see one of only a handful of double churches in Germany. At the Outdoor Centre Lahntal there are lots of fun outdoor activities, including archery, a high ropes garden and a giant trampoline. Surrounded by gentle meadows and deciduous trees, the Ulmbachtalsperre reservoir and campsite are ideal for families, hikers and mountain bikers, and for those who simply want to relax and unwind by the water. Breitscheid is regarded as a centre of Hessian cave research. The Karst educational trail provides an ideal introduction to the subject, and the Herbstlabyrinth show cave on the WesterwaldSteig trail is Europe’s first stalactite cave equipped with LED lighting: admire the vast display of beautifully lit stalactites!
The area around Driedorf has two wonderful swimming lakes surrounded by unspoilt nature: the Krombachtalsperre reservoir and Heisterberger Weiher. The town of Hadamar is a former princely residence with a grand Renaissance palace and unique special features like an English rose garden on the Herzenberg, artistic cut-outs and silhouettes in the town museum, and a nativity display at Christmas. The Waldbrunn area has a vast array of cycling, hiking and Nordic walking routes. The district of Fussingen is an officially recognised health resort. The little Burgschmiede Museum in the castle smithy in Ellar is a 600-year-old gem.

Tourist Informationen

Tourist-Information Haiger

Marktplatz 7
35708 Haiger
+49 27 73/81 10


Tourist-Information Merenberg

Allendorfer Straße 4
35799 Merenberg
+49 64 71/95 39 0


Tourist-Information Mengerskirchen

Schlossstraße 3
35794 Mengerskirchen
+49 64 76/91 36 0


Tourist-Information Herborn

Bahnhofsplatz 1
35745 Herborn
+49 27 72/70 81 90 0


Tourist-Information Hadamar

Untermarkt 1
65589 Hadamar
+49 6433/ 89 174


Tourist-Information Greifenstein

Herborner Straße 38
35753 Greifenstein OT Beilstein
+49 27 79/91 24 0


Tourist-Information Driedorf

Wilhelmstraße 16
35759 Driedorf
+49 27 75/95 42 0


Tourist-Information Dillenburg

Hauptstraße 19
35683 Dillenburg
+49 27 71/89 61 51


Tourist-Information Breitscheid

Rathausstraße 14
35767 Breitscheid
+49 27 77/91 33 21



Westerwald Touristik-Service
+49 2602 / 3001 - 0