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A taste of the Westerwald!

Do you want to taste local products as well as enjoying the varied landscape of the Westerwald? Then look no further than our WesterwaldSteig products!

You can choose from a broad range of tasty treats:

  • WesterwaldSteig bread from the Bäckerei Grund bakery in Höchstenbach
  • WesterwaldSteig ham from the Pitton butcher’s shop in Rennerod
  • WesterwaldSteig chocolate from Café Wäller in Bad Marienberg
  • WesterwaldSteig Wegweiser (“signpost”) and Meilenstein (“milestone”)spirits from the Birkenhofdistillery in Nistertal

WesterwaldSteig bread:

Bäckerei Grund is the only bakery in the Westerwald area authorised to produce and sell WesterwaldSteig bread.
Baked in a wood-fired oven, it has a traditional, distinctive flavour. Enjoy the bread and support the region: for every loaf sold, a small sum is donated towards the upkeep and maintenance of the WesterwaldSteig trail.
Our WesterwaldSteigbread was awarded a gold medal in 2013 by the German bakers’ association (VDB).
Come and taste it for yourself!

Introducing Bäckerei Grund bakery:

Bäckerei Grund is a family business that has been championing quality, traditional recipes, absolute freshness, cleanliness and friendliness since 1979. Day after day we invite our customers into our lovingly furnished branches to experience the quality for themselves.
Every night at our headquarters in Höchstenbach we produce bread loaves, rolls, cakes and creamy treats with love and expertise.
We are based in the Westerwaldand rooted in the local area, which is why we are very particular about using fresh local ingredients.
A great natural taste from Grund!

Bäckerei Heinz Willi Grund GmbH
Koblenzer Str. 7a
57629 Höchstenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 26 80 4 25

WesterwaldSteig ham

WesterwaldSteig ham has the following characteristics:

  • lightly salted
  • matured a long time
  • smoked over Westerwald fir and beech
  • seasoned with a hint of juniper and pepper

Introducing Fleischerei Pitton (butcher’s shop):

Fleischerei Pitton has been producing meat and meat products by hand since 1924 and is now in its third generation. As in the early days, the butchers do their own slaughtering to guarantee that the meat comes from local sources. They work with family farms in the Westerwald.
In addition to WesterwaldSteig ham and other specialities, the main shop in Rennerod and the shop in Breitscheid also offer a wide range of game and game products.
The family firm also runs a party service with a broad range of options and equipment including marquees, refrigerated vehicles, BBQ equipment, and a grill for cooking suckling pigs as a special highlight.

Fleischerei Karl-Heinz Pitton
Hauptstr. 52
56477 Rennerod
Tel. +49 (0) 26 64 2 61

WesterwaldSteig chocolate:

Taste the Westerwald in the form of delicious original WesterwaldSteig chocolate.
The handmade fine milk chocolate is made exclusively by Café Wäller and is a delightful combination of high quality and pleasure.

Original WesterwaldSteig chocolate contains nutritious raisins, hazelnuts, oat flakes and spices, as well as high-grade cocoa, making it the perfect treat for your walk along the beautiful WesterwaldSteig trail.

Choose between six wrapper designs depending on your mood: Wegzehrung (provisions), Orientierungshilfe (orientation guide), Pausensnack (break time), Wegbegleiter (walking companion), Schrittbeschleuniger (speed boost) or Naturgenuss (natural pleasure).

Our tip: The over 50 types of chocolate can be enjoyed at any time, not just on a hike along the WesterwaldSteig...

Original WesterwaldSteig chocolate – the taste of the Westerwald!

Introducing Café Wäller:

We aim to tickle your taste buds and soothe your soul. Treat yourself and relax in a pleasing environment!
At our classic Café Wäller you can taste fine cakes, gateaux and flans, or enjoy a substantial snack between meals. We can seat up to 80 people inside and up to 60 on our outdoor terrace.

We offer a full service for coach parties (please arrange in advance) and for birthdays and other celebrations.
And we will of course be happy to arrange for a special table for a date by candlelight at any time. We have vouchers for this and for a range of other treats.

Our kaffee klatsch coffee party is on the first Saturday of every month!
Café Wäller’s confectionary specialities include over 30 different gateaux and flans and seasonal specialities.
We only use natural ingredients in our products and no preservatives. There are always seasonal specialities on offer as well as homemade ice cream.
Our chocolate shop has over 50 different varieties of hand-made, homemade chocolate treats from individual recipes. You will also find tempting treats on our confectionary counter: naughty, but nice.

Come and have a look – we look forward to your visit!

Café Wäller
Bismarckstr. 14
56470 Bad Marienberg
Tel. +49 (0) 26 61 54 91