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Oktobergewitter sagen beständig, der künftige Winter bleibt wetterwendig.

Location Montabaur
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5- or 6-day hike: Westerburg – Dreifelden – Nistertal – Hachenburg – Limbach – Marienthal

Start: Kloster Marienthal station

Finish: Westerburg station

Journey time: approx. 63–70 minutes

Hiking distance: approx. 89 km

Trains run every hour on week days and every two hours on weekends and public holidays.

Combine stages 5 to 10 of the WesterwaldSteig trail for a 5- or 6-day hike:

The stations are connected to the WesterwaldSteig by a path (green "W" on yellow background).


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