Wilhelmstraße (Fußgängerzone)

Brief description

Wilhelmstrasse, together with the Alter Markt and Friedrichstrasse, formed the main hub of the city during the middle ages.

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Detailed description

It was along this street that the trade route connecting Rhineland with the centre of Germany ran, traversing the forested hills of the Westerwald. On this street stands the historic house „Zum goldenen Löwen,“ which was later to become an inn, and which owes its name to the golden lion that decorates the house‘s façade. On the site of another inn, „Zum Schwan,“ once stood the city wall‘s Lower Gate, which secured access to the city from the area now called Neumarkt. The gateway‘s structure also contained a dungeon. The city walls, including its towers and gateways, was torn down between 1820 and 1830, leaving only a few remnants, but the ring it formed around the city can still be roughly traced on the map by the route of the Johann-August Ring. A section of the old wall can be still be seen in the Schwanenpassage.

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