HG BUTZKO / FEUERBACH QUARTETT (SA.) Montabaur, Waldbachhalle

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HG BUTZKO / FEUERBACH QUARTETT (SA.) Montabaur, Waldbachhalle


On the second day of the Westerwald Cabaret Night on Saturday, 16 March 2024 from 8 p.m., HG Butzko will take to the stage of the Waldbachhalle in MT-Eschelbach, a man who has been enlivening German cabaret as a brain pacemaker for 25 years. In his current programme "ach ja", he explores the saying that we have only borrowed the earth from our children. For him, it is time to take stock and settle accounts with tricksters and deceivers, the elected and the electorate, the butchers and the calves. So that the non-committal falls by the wayside in future! In the second part of the evening, the Feuerbach Quartet will delight the guests. In their new programme "Legends", legends come together with breathtaking enthusiasm: what would it sound like if Mozart and Freddie Mercury had written a piece together? Or Pink Floyd and Claude Debussy? Legends come together and merge into a unique programme between classical and pop. 4 musicians from 4 nations who redefine the term "chamber music" with breathtaking joy of playing. What began in 2014 is now nothing less than a sensation on the concert stages of Europe. The cabaret stage Mons Tabor, the Eschelbach village community and the town of Montabaur, together with Westerwald Bank and EVM, are looking forward to two evenings with plenty of humour, good sound and wit. Admission from 7.30 pm

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Rübenstock 2
56410 Montabaur-Ettersdorf