Waldbrunn castle smithy

Thanks to the intensive efforts of the Ellar Culture and History Society, it was placed under a preservation order and completely renovated with the support of the Waldbrunn municipality and turned into a museum in 1988. It is a small half-timbered building of great urban and technical importance, which, due to the strong wood, probably dates back to the time before the Thirty Years' War. It contains a fully functional smithy as well as historical tools from agriculture and local crafts.

Brief description

Burgschmiede (castle smithy)

The historic castle forge at the lower gate of the town wall was first mentioned in a document in 1462 and operated until shortly after 1800.

Opening hours

Opening hours: Every first Sunday of the month (May-September) and on Open Monument Day from 3 to 5 pm.
The museum is closed during the winter months.

Information: Cultural and Historical Society, Mr. Michael Böcher, Tel.: 0 64 36 / 60 22 93

Contact and directions

Kirchstraße 2
65620 Waldbrunn-Ellar