Hiking Trail

Wäller Tour Hohe Hahnscheid

Route profile

Length / Distance 10,4 km
Rise 224 hm
Descent 223 hm
Duration 3,0 h
Highest point 432 hm
Lowest point 330 hm


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The Wäller Tour in the upper Westerwald offers an attractive landscape combined with historical and geological features and charming distant views. Sites of the Christian faith, which invite you to take a moment of inner reflection, also give the trail the name "Devotional Trail".

The circular trail, awarded the quality trail Wanderbares Deutschland in the category "dream tour", leads around the Hohen Hahnscheid (433 m), which is located in the Westerwald on the border between Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse and is surrounded by the villages of Irmtraut, Gemünden, Langendernbach and Seck.

There are 23 interesting stops with information boards along the 10.6 km long circular hiking trail. These boards invite you to read and, by means of a QR code, you can elicit even more interesting details.

Brief description

Attractive landscape combined with historical and geological features, charming views and sites of Christian faith, also called "devotional path".


From the south or north via the B54, from the east or west via the B255 to the Rennerod exit and then via the B54 to Irmtraut.

Public transport

Train to ICE station Limburg and bus from Limburg bus station to Irmtraut with bus line LM15 or train to ICE station Montabaur and bus to Rennerod bus station bus line 116 and continue with LM15 to Irmtraut,


At the church in 56479 Irmtraut.


Start of the hike is at the church square in Irmtraut. From there you follow the marking of the Wäller Tour "Hohe Hahnscheid". Passing the cemetery cross, which is an extension of the main entrance of the cemetery between two old lime trees, the hike leads over meadow passages into the natural forest of the local community of Irmtraut. The first highlight of the tour is the "Hessenblick". The viewpoint "Hessenblick" owes its name to its location on the border between Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, which is only about 250 m downhill. From the upper slope of the 433 m high basalt crest of the Hoher Hahnscheid one has a beautiful view to the south into the wide valley of the Elbe stream, which is already in Hesse. Follow the markings and after about 5 km you can already hear the splashing of the Holzbach. Now the highlight of the tour, the Holzbach gorge, is not far away. For part of the tour, you walk along a narrow path on the route of the WesterwaldSteig in the direction of the Dapprich farm. At the exit of the Holzbach Gorge an absolute rarity awaits you: the private cemetery of the Schneider family; the owners of Hof Dapprich. In the Hofcafé you have the opportunity to strengthen yourself before continuing in the direction of Seck. Afterwards you will climb up to the panoramic platform of the St. Michael-Josef-Chapel. Over wide meadow passages, past the Irmtrauter Kreuz, you reach the starting point of the hike again.

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Safety instructions

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Weather-adapted and functional clothing


  • Sturdy shoesT
  • ake sufficient food with you, as there are only a few stops along the way.


The highlight of the Wäller Tour is the wild and romantic Holzbach gorge near Gemünden.


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Church in 56479 Irmtraut

Starting Point

Church in 56479 Irmtraut

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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