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The stars are shining


The renowned film actor and musician Ulrich Tukur founded the dance band Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys back in 1995. The band interprets original compositions and evergreens with a great passion for entertainment and singing. Through numerous tours, five studio albums and one live album, the quartet has built up an excellent reputation. Rumor has it that Tukur put his dance band together purely for visual reasons. In fact, the combo impresses with good-looking performers in elegant, stylish clothing, but the band has earned its large fan base over the years with a lot of passion and charming, heart-warming programs on stage: with first-class chorus singing and racy rhythms, incomparable interpretations and gifted entertainment. In front of an audience, the musicians show off all their talent and bathe in good-humored melodies with consummate irony and a penchant for nostalgic light music from the Roaring Twenties and pre-war years. First and foremost Ulrich Tukur, who shows himself to be a true circus horse in the spotlight.

"I love the elegance, the lightness, the skillfulness of the music and the wit of the lyrics of songs from this period. The entire entertainment industry in the 20s and 30s was of an enormously high standard." (Ulrich Tukur)

From mambo to foxtrot, whether their own pieces, unknown older titles or snappy popular hits, Ulrich Tukur & Die Rhythmus Boys play lively music with fresh tones. Songs such as "Am Steinhuder Meer", "Musik hat mich verliebt gemacht" or "La Paloma" are sometimes quiet, sometimes loud - but always beguiling, because the four gallant gentlemen serve up their enchanting titles full of feeling and soul.

Together with his instrumental and vocal group, Ulrich Tukur simply celebrates lightness to the point of superfluity and melancholy with verve and pizzazz. In short: a perfect dance palace atmosphere.


Ulrich Tukur - vocals, piano, accordion

Ulrich Mayer - guitar, vocals

Günter Märtens - double bass, vocals

Kalle Mews - drums, vocals

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