Stockhaus Dillenburg

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One of many stops on the Historical Trail. Experience the history of the Oranienstadt Dillenburg at first hand!

Brief description

The only surviving building of the old Dillenburg fortifications.

Detailed description

As the only remaining building from the former Dillenburg fortifications, the Stockhaus (meaning ‘stocks building’) is still found on the Schlossberg. This can even be seen on the oldest image of the town dating from 1575. For centuries, it had been a prison with ‘stocks’, a large, hollowed-out wooden block that the inmates’ feet were locked into.

It is highly probable that Jan Rubens, father of the famous artist Peter Paul Rubens, was imprisoned in the Stockhaus after conceiving a child with Anna of Saxony, the second wife of Prince William of Orange.

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Schlossberg 3
35683 Dillenburg