Steffen Möller „Polnische Paartherapie“

Release the romantic in you

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Despite the language barrier and nasty mutual jokes, thousands of German-Polish couples go down the aisle every year. The problems start at the wedding reception. How can you refuse the second glass of vodka without offending the Polish side? When does the party actually end? And why doesn't anyone tell you that you've married the bride's mother as a bonus? Despite everything, the prognosis is good. German-Polish marriages are statistically even more durable than German-German marriages. Could the cultural differences end up being smaller than feared?

Steffen Möller answers all these questions in his new program, which is also aimed at single viewers who have never been across the Oder before. Step-by-step, he introduces the audience to the ancient art of flirting, which is still in full bloom in Chopin's homeland. Release the romantic in you, just say "kocham cię!" And that doesn't mean "cook for me!"

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Release the romantic in you

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