Skulpturenpark Steinebach/Wied

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On the basis of research into their own regional history, the local communities of Steinebach an der Wied the idea was born to use cultural and landscape symbols in the form of five "sculptures along the path and stream" to artistically emphasise and and to make them a tangible experience.

- Basalt column with a "W" carved into it and a bronze round stick wound around it as a symbol for the Wied stream.
- Female figure made of oak wood as a synonym for the field names "Frauwiese" and "Minneswiese
- Symbolised meadow weir made of steel and wood to commemorate the former agricultural use of watering the meadow
- Three-stand pilgrim cross (Trinity Cross) as a symbol of a historical pilgrimage route to Dreifeden to the oldest stone church in the Westerwald
- Spring symbol for the "Heiligenborn (The use of the spring as drinking water is documented by an accumulation of finds of old drinking vessel shards)

Idea, text and photos:
Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Hachenberg
Office for Engineering and Environmental Planning

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Cultural-historical symbols in the Upper Wied

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