Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band

They present the cult duo's most beautiful songs.

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They present the cult duo's most beautiful songs.


The Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band shows in Altenkirchen why they are one of the most sought-after live bands. In their program they present the most beautiful songs of the cult duo.

Dreamlike, passionate ballads such as "Scarborough Fair" or "Bright Eyes", classics such as "Mrs. Robinson", "The Boxer" or "The Sound of Silence" are just as much a part of their extensive repertoire as the rousing "Cecilia" and "Late in the evening".

Simply playing along is not enough! You also need first-class musicians to awaken the musical feeling and the many small musical refinements. Frontman, singer and guitarist Michael Frank, keyboardist and bassist Sebastian Fritzlar, drummer Ingo Kaiser and singer Guido Reuter, who also displays first-class qualities on flute and violin, manage the tightrope walk of perfect covers and their own interpretations so authentically that the audience is drawn into a veritable maelstrom between their very rhythmic and soulful numbers.

With their vocal and instrumental performances, which are coordinated down to the smallest detail, they blur the line between original and copy. The vocal ranges alone, which match the originals almost perfectly, are hard to beat in terms of authenticity.

The musicians' instrumental skills are just as impressive as their stage presence. They put on a perfect show without the need for big show effects. The five musicians simply have what it takes, serving up delicate melodic arcs as well as whipping rhythms or crashing drum rolls with equal passion and professionalism.

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen