Schiller Stone Haiger

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Set up in commemoration of Friedrich Schiller's 100th birthday.

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The Schiller Stone is located at the end of the forest nature trail in Haiger. It can be reached via the road "Hindenburghügel". It was erected to commemorate Friedrich Schiller's 100th birthday by the Haiger branch of the Sauerland Mountain Association in 1905. The monument bears a portrait of the artist and a commemorative plaque and can be counted among Haiger's sights. Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller (born 1759, died 1805) made numerous contributions to world literature, including for example "The Robbers" (1781) or "the Wallenstein Trilogy" (1799). His works, including many ballads and dramas, were and are compulsory reading for many generations of schoolchildren. "The Diver" (1797), "The Bell" (1798), or "The Surety" (1799) are sure to awaken one or two memories of school days. The following verse is printed on the back of the Schiller stone: "Always strive for the whole! and, if you cannot become a whole yourself, join yourself to a whole as a serving member!

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