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Cruise comedy by David Shelter

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Cruise comedy by David Shelter


Cruise comedy by David Shelter

with Tanja Schumann, Alexander Milz, Anouschka Renzi, Julika Wagner and Falk-Willy Wild
Theatre guest performances Fürth | Director: Thomas Rohmer

Dennis and Katja Becker are newly separated ... Dennis has just moved out of the house they shared. Naturally, this needs to be celebrated. Katja invites
invites her best friend Traute to join her on a cruise through the Mediterranean to celebrate their new freedom. Unfortunately, her ex-husband Dennis comes up with the same idea with his best friend Tobias - and the two cabins are unfortunate enough to be right opposite each other ... It could have been such a wonderful holiday - but suddenly those who didn't want to see each other again so soon meet every day. This also applies to Traute and Tobias - they used to be married. Together with "cruise sister" Sandra, a cabin neighbour, the ladies now try to escape the men. Which turns out to be more difficult than everyone thought. Because even in Rome or Florence, people are often closer than planned ... During the course of the cruise, many a (comedic) battle is fought that everyone would have liked to avoid. Or is it precisely this unplanned encounter that marks the start of a new


Tickets are available at the vhs-Theatergemeinde Betzdorf office (phone: 02741 291-411 or 427), at the Betzdorf and Gebhardshain Citizens' Offices (02741 291-900), online or at the box office.

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