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The best of Udo Jürgens

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The best of Udo Jürgens


"Music only shows its true colors when it's played live ..." (Udo Jürgens)

SahneMixx presents "The best of Udo Jürgens" in an inspiring show,
that takes the audience on an emotional journey through time from the very first second, straight back to the incomparable atmosphere of Udo Jürgens' live concerts. Orchestral sound, grand piano and red jacket lining - SahneMixx get all the details right. And when singer Hubby Scherhag is applauded back on stage for the bathrobe finale, just like the original, the goosebump experience is guaranteed!

For over 20 years, SahneMixx has taken up the challenge of presenting the most beautiful songs of this exceptional artist and preserving his musical legacy on the concert stage. Udo Jürgens himself has recognized SahneMixx and expressed this at various meetings as well as in the form of letters and congratulations.
letters and congratulations.

SahneMixx singer Hubby Scherhag interprets the songs of his great role model so well that the audience feels transported to a real Udo concert from the very first note. SahneMixx has thrilled audiences again and again at countless performances and has become the number one Udo Jürgens show.

Udo Jürgens has passed away .... but his work remains everlasting!

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