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Montabaur Castle Concert

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Montabaur Castle Concert


Lied duets at Montabaur Castle

Works by Schumann, Brahms, Chausson, Fauré and Obradors at RheinVokal concert The young singers Katharina Konradi and Catriona Morison will dedicate themselves to 19th century vocal duets on Sunday, 21 July at 5 pm at Schloss Montabaur. For the RheinVokal concert, the two have selected a programme of complementary duets by German and French composers who were friends: Schumann and Brahms as well as Fauré and Chausson. Accompanied by pianist Ammiel Bushakevitz, they add solo songs that particularly appeal to them personally: Songs from Spain and Scotland

. Tickets are available from the Montabaur Tourist Information Centre (Tel. 0 26 02 - 9 50 27 80), Ticket Regional and at Katharina Konradi, soprano Catriona Morison, mezzo-soprano Ammiel Bushakevitz, piano Lied duets and solo songs by Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Ernst Chausson, Gabriel Fauré, Fernando Obradors Songs from Scotland

Tickets: € 26 In cooperation with the city of Montabaur With the support of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz An event of the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, sponsored by the Ministry for Families, Women, Culture and Integration.

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