Reithaus (Riding House) and Stables Dillenburg

Brief description

The baroque houses of today's Wilhelmstraße were built with stones from the old fortifications from 1769.

Detailed description

Following the destruction of Dillenburg Castle in 1760 during the Seven Years’ War, the former inhabitants urgently needed new accommodation. From 1769, stones from the former fortifications (for the ground floor and façade) were therefore used to construct the Baroque houses along what is now Wilhelmstraße for the Orange- Nassau government officials and their families. The stables, which were previously housed in the old castle, were also newly built in this street in 1771. Together with the Reithaus (1789/90), this is a core part of the current stud.

The origins of the Hesse State Stud, which was reestablished in 1869, go back to Prince Moritz of Orange, who was born in Dillenburg and baptised in the town church. The overall complex on both sides of Wilhelmstraße spans 10 hectares.

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