Raiffeisenhaus Flammersfeld - Eintritt mit Führung

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen lived and worked in Flammersfeld from 1848 to 1852.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen lived and worked in Flammersfeld from 1848 to 1852.

Arrival Information

Parking spaces (also for buses) are available free of charge at the Bürgerhaus (Rheinstr. 44). Please do not park on Raiffeisenstraße.

Travelling by public transport: Sieg line (Cologne - Siegen) to Au (Sieg) Oberwesterwaldbahn (RB 90) to Altenkirchen Regiobus 120 (Altenkirchen - Neuwied) Bus exit Flammersfeld Rathaus or from Neuwied: Regiobus 120 to Flammersfeld

Opening hours

Open every 1st Sunday of the month from 3pm to 4pm (without registration)

Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 3pm to 4pm, by appointment only

Group bookings from 10 people possible at any time


The Raiffeisen ambassadors will take you back in time. Experience first-hand how people lived in Raiffeisen times and discover real relics from the time of the cooperative's famous founder.

The Raiffeisenhaus (Raiffeisenstr. 11, 57632 Flammersfeld) is the place where Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen worked and lived with his family from 1848-1852 as mayor of the "Samtgemeinde" (another name for association municipality) Flammersfeld.

In 1849, he founded the "Flammersfelder Hülfsverein zur Unterstützung unbemittelter Landwirthe", the world's first loan association.

In the original two-storey building, you will learn a lot about his life, his living conditions and the development of his famous cooperative idea, which is based on his motto "What one cannot achieve, many can".The idea and practice of organising cooperatives was declared an intangible world heritage site by UNESCO in 2016.

Start your little journey through time on the ground floor, where you will find his office and kitchen. The upper floor, accessible via the old creaky staircase, is entirely dedicated to his cooperative idea. School cooperatives have their own space upstairs for their work. School classes take turns coming here to work on their cooperative projects.

In the house, documents, literature and information boards as well as digital media illustrate Raiffeisen's work, but there are also special exhibits and souvenirs to discover.

There is also plenty to explore outside. The 250-year-old half-timbered house is surrounded by a large garden with numerous information boards, a reconstructed bakery and a farm garden. The benches in the garden invite you to linger in good weather.

Note on accessibility: The ground floor is accessible from the garden. However, the first floor can only be reached via a staircase.



Adults 5,- Euro

Teenagers from 14 - 17 years 2,50 Euro

Children up to 14 years free

Contact and directions

Raiffeisenstraße 11
57632 Flammersfeld