In the footsteps of F.W. Raiffeisen

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Guided bus tour with visits to the Raiffeisen sites in Hamm, Weyerbusch and Flammersfeld.
An interesting excursion in the footsteps of F.W. Raiffeisen awaits you.
The first stop on the coach trip is Hamm (Sieg), where you will be given a guided tour of the German Raiffeisen Museum. The tour then continues past the Raiffeisen Tower to Weyerbusch, where F.W. Raiffeisen was mayor for the first time. In addition to the old mayor's office, there is also an old bakery to visit, where you will have the opportunity to taste and buy freshly baked bread. After a stop for lunch (self-pay) we visit the Raiffeisenhaus in Flammersfeld. Formerly the mayor's residence of F.W. Raiffeisen and now a small museum.
During the journey from/to Hamm, in the time from approx. 09.45-17.30, you will learn a lot about the history of F.W. Raiffeisen from Raiffeisen ambassador Stephan Fürst, but also interesting information about the region, mining in earlier times and much more. 
Ticket price: € 37.50 per person
Registration via e-mail: info@menges-reisen.de
Boarding for the bus tour is planned from Altenkirchen railway station at 9.30 am, from Hamm it is possible to join from 9.45 am. Please contact the organiser for other bus tour stops.

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In the footsteps of F.W. Raiffeisen

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Raiffeisenstraße 10
57577 Hamm (Sieg)