Quirinus-Kapelle Siebenmorgen

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The chapel of Siebenmorgen is located between Epgert and Verscheid and was first mentioned in 1677.

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According to a message of 30.09.1717 by pastor Goswin Bekker, the "Cabel" (chapel) of Siebenmorgen, at that time already housing the martyr Quirin, was built around 1677. In 1743 the chapel fell into disrepair and had to be rebuilt. In 1779 the chapel had revenues of 15 talers with expenses of 4 talers. In 1831, according to accounts, the chapel had 9 endowments. After a requested renovation in 1854, a complete rebuilding took place in 1877/78. The chapel patron until 1844 was St. Quirinus, from then on it was St. Simon and since 1952 it is again St. Quirinus.

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Contact and directions

Dasbacher Straße/Ecke Marienstraße
53547 Breitscheid-Siebenmorgen