Pumptrack und Dirtline Dietzhölztal

Detailed description

The pump track riding technique, pumping:

- Relieving the load on the bike (uphill)

- Loading the bike (downhill)

- Unload the device (uphill) Terms of use:

- Parents are liable for their children!

- Use at your own risk!

- Only ride the equipment when a second person is present.

- Use suitable protective equipment.

- Use suitable bicycles (BMX, dirt bikes) or suitable roller sports equipment.

- Enter only in the entrance area or at the starting point.

- Observe uniform direction of travel and safety distances.

- Show consideration for younger, inexperienced riders and other users.

- The track is not a recreational area!

- Only use the facility during daylight hours and when the road is dry.

- The track is neither cleared nor gritted in winter.

- After a fall, leave the track immediately.

- Objects on the track must be removed immediately.

- The facility must be kept clean.

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Brief description

Asphalted Pumptrack and Dirtline in Dietzhölztal

Contact and directions

Am Hammerweiher
35716 Dietzhölztal