Protestant Church Ewersbach

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Parts of the Margarethenkirche date back to the 11th century

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The oldest parts of the Margarethenkirche, which has long characterised the appearance of Ewersbach and the entire Dietzhölztal valley, date back to the 11th century. Probably the oldest building far and wide, it is the centre of community life in Ewersbach. The Margarethenkirche is available to the entire congregation for larger events, such as confirmations, concerts and joint services. The adjoining vicarage dates back to 1789 and has served as a home for many generations of pastors, later also pastors' wives and their families. At the same time, the parish work was decisively shaped from this house over many centuries. A large part of the church's musical work takes place in the parish hall in Ewersbach, which was built in 1879. Initially it was also a place for the parish nurses and the kindergarten, which was later moved to the newly constructed neighbouring building. Renovated and expanded for the last time in 2009 and 2010, this building now serves as a day care centre for approximately 90 children between the ages of one and six, offering them a place for their first encounters with the Word of God and for a sheltered upbringing with a variety of outstanding educational programmes. The day care centre work shapes the work of the church congregation as a whole to a significant degree. The parish hall and the adjoining rooms, such as the parish office and youth rooms, also offer a variety of other opportunities for church life to develop. Children's services and youth group work, for example, are carried out with commitment in these buildings. In Ewersbach, historic and modern buildings offer plenty of space for an active church life. Everyone is invited to find a place for themselves in these rooms.

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