Protestant Church Eibach

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The first parish priest is mentioned in Eibach in 1434.

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A special feature of Eibach is the old village church. It has been looking down on the village for several hundred years. Its foundation goes far back into pre-Reformation times. The first parish priest is mentioned in Eibach in 1434. The parish church was dedicated to St. Anthony.

The people of Eibach became Protestants in 1533 when Count Wilhelm the Rich of Nassau-Dillenburg converted his land to the Lutheran creed. In 1584, they changed to the Reformed confession under Count Johann the Elder.

In 1783, the church was renovated and partially rebuilt. A few years earlier, the princely high consistory had already commissioned the congregation to build a new place of worship. The church was then rebuilt, retaining the masonry.

The first renovation after this major reconstruction took place in 1830. Twelve years later, a new altar was purchased.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, part of the tower beams were renewed, a new clockwork with two dials, an organ and a second bell were installed.

In 1972, an extension was built at the back of the church, to the north. The new part of the building was adapted to the overall building, as the church is a listed building. The ground plan of the extension measures 35 square metres, and 70 seats were created in it. The room can be separated from the old hall by a folding door.

During the interior renovation in 1971/72, the original colours were removed from the pulpit, which dates back to the Renaissance, and the gilded areas were covered with new gold leaf. A part of the gallery from the baroque period and a column were also uncovered in their original colours and restored.

Finally, in 1983/84, a vestibule, sacristy and WC were added.

 Since the 16th century, the parish of Eibach was united with the parish of Dillenburg. Since 1967, the parish has been independent and was connected to the parish of Nanzenbach until 2019. Due to the decreasing number of parishioners, this parish connection was dissolved. Since 01.01.2020, there has been a cooperation between the parishes of Eibach and Oberscheld.

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Text: Gemeinsames Gemeindebüro der Kirchengemeinden Eibach, Nanzenbach, Niederscheld und Oberscheld

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