Phil Cory - Kristall-Klangschalen-Konzert Breitscheid

Sound bowl concert in the autumn labyrinth.

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Phil Cory - crystal singing bowl concert - in the Herbstlabyrinth show cave:

After descending (124 steps) into the cave, you will first be guided through the large button hall by cave guides. In a special atmosphere, you can marvel at the diverse stalactite formations. Now the artist takes over and leads you into a magical world with his sounds. The concert lasts 45 minutes and the entire visit to the cave takes 1.25 hours. In addition to sturdy shoes, warm clothing is required as the temperature in the cave is 9 degrees. Seating is provided. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of stalactites in the most beautiful light and the magical sounds of the crystal singing bowls - a very special cave experience in the Breitscheid autumn labyrinth show cave.
Phil Cory is a musical artist. He creates interesting soundscapes with his rare quartz crystal singing bowls. Born in England, he has performed at numerous festivals and rock concerts since 2002 and has produced 5 albums. In 2008 he had worldwide success with his album "Individual Chakra Toning Quartz Crystal Bowls".

Admission costs €17.50; limited number of participants. Tickets online right here and on the ticket hotline 0231 917 2290.

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Admission costs €17.50

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Sound bowl concert in the autumn labyrinth.

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