P + R - Anlage am Bahnhof Niederhövels

Brief description

The P + R facility at Niederhövels railway station is the perfect parking option to reach the public transport system and is also suitable as a hikers' car park.

Detailed description

The P + R facility at Niederhövels station is ideal for commuters and all public transport users. The facility can also serve as a car park for hikers, as the following hiking and cycling routes start or run here: Natursteig Sieg (short access route from the station to stage 11), Räuberweg (Erlebnisweg Sieg), Botanischer Weg (accessible a short distance away on the main road or via the district road to the district of Oberhövels), D-Route 4 (Mittelland Route), Radweg Sieg.

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Contact and directions

Am Bahnhof
57537 Hövels