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The guard was in front of the city wall, which was still standing at that time.

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The guardhouse was located in front of the then still standing city wall and was built in 1810 in the Greek temple style. It served the town guard as a guardroom and detention cell. Carters passing through had to pay "road and lake tolls" there. During this period Haiger belonged to the Duchy of Berg ("French period") and was effectively under Napoleon's rule. After Haiger became part of Nassau again, the small guardhouse lost its function and was put up for auction as early as 1817. After 1827, the town wall was also gradually dismantled. Next to the watchtower was one of the public fountains, which gave its name to the inn opposite. Not far from the Wacht in Hickenweg is the site of the so-called "Wilhelmshof". Hickenweg (also called Hofhausweg) used to be the main road to Langenaubach, to the Hickengrund and to the Westerwald. The Westerwald road was not built until 1823/24.

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Text: Stadt Haiger

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