Naturerlebnis: Vögel im Garten in Brachbach

Excursion “Birds in the Garden and in the Neighborhood”

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“The local association “Glück-Auf” Brachbach invites all interested nature lovers - regardless of age - to an approximately two-hour excursion “Birds in the Garden and in the Neighborhood” on Sunday, May 5th. With their variety of species and shapes and especially their melodious song, birds have always captivated us. The attentive nature observers eagerly await the arrival of the cranes in late winter and the sight of the first swallow heralds the beginning of spring. Now in May, the last species have returned from their southern journey from Africa or the Mediterranean to their Siegerland homeland. Numerous species live among us in settlement areas. You will go on a morning hike that starts at Backes and leads along Marienstrasse towards Langgrube. A detour into the forest and the open areas of the Ahlig characterized by grassland completes the inventory of species that can be expected in and around Brachbach. We want to get to know all the representatives of the bird world that occur here, from blackbirds to wrens, and what we can do to protect them under the expert guidance of our nature guide Manuel Graf. We will meet - with binoculars if available - at 7 p.m. at the Zechenwaldplatz bakery.”

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Excursion “Birds in the Garden and in the Neighborhood”

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