Nanzenbach Protestant Church

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The parish of Nanzenbach was connected with the parish of Eibach until the end of 2019. On 1 January 2020, Nanzenbach and Niederscheld were connected in terms of parishes. The history of the parish goes back a long way. Nanzenbach was first mentioned in a document in 1255.

There was probably already a chapel here in the 15th century. Old sources say that weekly masses were celebrated in Nanzenbach from Dillenburg in the then Duchy of Nassau.

In the years 1577-1582, the duchy changed to the Reformed confession. In 1817, the Uniate confession was introduced for Dillenburg. In 1818 Nanzenbach belonged to the Frohnhausen parish.

In 1956, Nanzenbach became an independent parish, which was connected to Wissenbach in terms of parish administration. Pastor Gottfried Strack (1956-1965) was the first parish priest to live in Nanzenbach. The parsonage (1959) and the church (1962-1964) were rebuilt during his tenure. With the restructuring of the Dillenburg deanery, the parishes of Nanzenbach and Eibach were connected in 1967. Since 1 January 2020, Nanzenbach and Niederscheld have been working together in the deanery on the Dill.

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Text: Gemeinsames Gemeindebüro Nanzenbach-Niederscheld

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House of worship from 1964

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Batzbachstraße 2
35690 Dillenburg-Nanzenbach