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Since its reopening, the museum in Breitscheid-Erdbach has been breaking new ground. Although the focus is still on the permanent exhibits, which include above all the fossils from the Devonian period and the original finds from Celtic times 2500 years ago. They all come from the immediate vicinity, but are nevertheless of great regional importance. The second mainstay of the "Erdbachium", as the museum is now called, is to be changing special exhibitions. At present, it is in the process of developing into a first-class contact point for model railway enthusiasts and builders. Since the end of March, Karl-Heinz Schwarze from Driedorf has been showing his modules on which he has recreated exact scenes of the former Westerwald-Querbahn. The focus is on the railway station and the tracks of his home town as they looked around 1960. Now another theme has been added, also on a scale of 1:87 and with a strong connection to our homeland. Klaus Dieter Bott has been rebuilding lorries of local haulage companies for over thirty years. From the paintwork to the lettering on the tarpaulins, boxes and tanks to the number plates, they are exactly the same as the large prototype. The man from Medenbach will be exhibiting almost one hundred of his articulated lorries and semi-trailers at the Erdbachium from 5 May. At present, they are mainly from the haulage companies Kubo (Breitscheid) and Waldschmidt (Dillenburg). A small harbour diorama has been added to the exhibition by Finn Luca Klein, a young man from Breitscheid.

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Text: Gemeinde Breitscheid

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