Mr. Zarko L'Amour Fatal - Tour 2024

Mr. Zarko

L'Amour Fatal - Tour 2024

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Mr. Zarko

L'Amour Fatal - Tour 2024


In 2023, Mr Žarko released their third studio album "L'amour fatal". With one laughing and one crying eye, it is about stories inspired by love, its blindness, beauty and fatality. Passion is the origin of everything, it is great, powerful, mighty. Lust meets pain. With their new songs and dances, Mr Žarko conjure up love with a soulful sound mix of tango, blues and powerful gypsy roots, refined with glittering arpeggios from the marimba and ravishingly intoned with the strong voices of Katya Tasheva and Žarko Jovasevic.

The band was founded in Berlin in 2011 by musicians who brought their respective musical cultures from different home countries with them. They released their debut album "Electric Gypsy Disco Noise" in 2013 and their second album "Balkan Herbal Clinic" in 2017. Mr Žarko's concert activities have taken them to major festivals throughout Germany and Europe, in addition to well-known Berlin scene clubs such as SO 36, Lido and Kaffee Burger. They headlined the Lima Stage at the Lowlands Festival (Netherlands) and the Pannonica Folk Festival (Poland), and played at the Summer Festival of Cultures (Stuttgart), Fusion Festival (Germany), Nilufer Festival (Turkey), Sziget (Hungary), Rudolstadt Festival, Festival Mediterraneo (France) and Folkherbst Plauen, as well as official events such as the 2016 Peacekeepers' Day with the German President.

Mr Žarko's music is global, innovative, masterful and a lot of fun - not least because of the musicians' explosive stage show! From a Berlin perspective, the band fearlessly combines influences from both worlds, free from all clichés. Mr Žarko transform traditional dances such as kolos and chočeks with psychedelic guitar riffs, rap vocals and surf into a powerful mix full of energetic rhythms. "Dance, dance with me, or we're both lost. Love giveth and love taketh away."

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