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Meret & The Tiny Teeth Le Grand Ordinaire

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"Le Grand Ordinaire" is a collage of musical images and surreal songs that tell of travelers. The longing to run away together, departure, escape - inside and out, never arriving, fear of the unknown & fear of being a stranger... The recurring theme is a circus that makes its way like a vague memory. With her band "The Tiny Teeth", Meret brings musical images to the stage, comparable to a soundtrack to an inner movie.

"An evening with Meret Becker is memorable. However, you need the openness to engage with unaffectedly straightforward thought processes that may seem radical at first glance. Anyone can deviate and return to the norm, but obviously not Meret Becker, a rock in the sea of conformity and an intrepid individualist who has never forgotten how to dream." Bietigheimer Zeitung

"Fulminant performance. Enchanting Meret Becker. Come in, mesdames et messieurs! A bittersweet grab bag of poetry and humor, vaudeville and acrobatics, chanson and western song. Star guests are: Glass harps and singing saws, a hairdryer and even the flying pug! A circus as you would dream of it. Because it transports the audience into another universe with imagination. The audience is entranced, listens attentively, laughs uproariously and beams with happiness. And actually never wants to let the artists go again." Kreisbote Landsberg

"Le Grand Ordinaire" is a wonderfully unconventional but highly musical recital with an enchanting Meret Becker." rbb

"Areas in which the search for meaning remains futile and only one thing counts - indulging in the crazy, wicked, wacky and longing. Her performance is a grotesque and bravura collage of all this." Swabian

"...a poetically grounded total work of art."

Wiesbadener Tageblatt

"...a fantastic show." Badische Zeitung

" incomparably magical and touching show. Wonderful." Weiler Zeitung

"The actress and singer, who conjures up a world of imagination in her music theater production "Le Grand Ordinaire", is like a delicate magic fairy." Badische Zeitung

"A visit from another star. Meret Becker takes the audience into a world of her own and proves that she sees herself as a universal and non-conformist artist. Her audience thanks her extraordinary performance with devoted applause."


Meret Becker En Concert

Meret & The Tiny Teeth

"Le Grand Ordinaire"

Line Up:

Vocals, saw, homophones: Meret Becker

Glass harp, piano, accordion: Ben Jeger

Guitar, banjo, mandolin: Buddy Sacher

Cello: Marie-Claire Schlameus

plus special guest performance (TBC)

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Meret & The Tiny Teeth Le Grand Ordinaire

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen