Leonard Cohen Tribute Band

Leonard Cohen Tribute Band

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Leonard Cohen Tribute Band


In their performances, the band strives to maintain a high degree of authenticity of Cohen's musical power, combined with their own interpretation. Always keeping in mind the musicians' respect and love for the original artist. Together, the band aims to create an atmosphere of joy and conviction, with captivating and tender vocals, with space for the soloists to paint their canvas.

This could only come from the deep connection of the band members on this wonderful and challenging ten-year journey they have been on together. This feeling can be seen and felt as the audience enjoys the music.

In the repertoire of their current show, entitled "Come Healing", you will find songs such as "The Future", "In my Secret Life", "The Partisan" and more to emphasize the healing qualities of music. And of course you will meet "Suzanne" and "Marianne".

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen