Leo Bassi - anarchischer Humor

Leo Bassi - anarchic humor

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"Me, Mussolini" - is a provocative, extraordinary show by the most dangerous clown in the world, as Leo Bassi calls himself. Leo Bassi mixes humor and provocation with profound, intelligent reflections that almost automatically touch his audience deeply.

In his solo performance "Me, Mussolini", Leo Bassi once again appears as an anarchy clown and showman at a time when populists and fascists are on the rise. Today in Italy, the radical right-wing head of government Meloni. In our country, the influence of fascists is growing enormously. Yet we all know from history how quickly freedom can be lost and how fragile democracy can be. The dangers, the ugly threats from the right are becoming more and more obvious to us, including the spread of nationalist ideas. Unfortunately, social media in particular make this very effective for fascists.

In view of the decline of the traditional left-wing parties in recent years and the rise of far-right and fascist ideology in Europe, "Mussolini" came to Leo Bassi's mind. As a clown, he knows that the best medicine against fascism is laughter.

Leo Bassi once again puts his finger on a sore spot. The result is a well-thought-out performance ride, delicately designed for his audience, including video clips, a reflection on political manipulation. An action-packed show designed to generate optimism and give the audience the courage to resist. A journey through time in which Leo Bassi mercilessly draws parallels to the right-wing populism of the present day.

An anti-fascist, humorous, exciting and adventurous history show.

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Leo Bassi - anarchic humor

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