Hiking Trail

Kleiner Wäller "Sagenweg" - walking path

Route profile

Length / Distance 4,6 km
Rise 68 hm
Descent 68 hm
Duration 1,2 h
Highest point 277 hm
Lowest point 209 hm


The Mehrbachtal is full of stories. So the theme tour leads me through Mehren with its numerous half-timbered buildings. Later, the Mehrbach accompanies me on a very idyllic, shady path. I wonder if the white woman is still haunted here at the water's edge? And what about the Boller Mosch, who hits the trees with a cudgel and shouts "Mosch, Mosch"? The lost castle Mehren can also tell an exciting tale. On this round tour I walk mainly on wide forest paths, I overcome a few meters of altitude at the beginning of the walk, which I later walk down again towards Mehren. In the center of the village I come across the worth seeing pillar basilica from the 12th century, one of the oldest of its kind in the Westerwald. Finally I take a look into the old dungeon from 1547, called Bulles'Je, below the old school.

Brief description

The legends in Mehrbachtal - I am looking for traces of Boller Mosch, the white woman and the old castle Mehren.


from B8 from the west via Fiersbach, Hirz-Maulsbach or from the east via Forstmehren, Mehren to Niedermaulsbach

from B 256 via Orfgen, Ziegenhain, Mehren to Niedermaulsbach

Public transport

Bus line 254 Kircheib/Hirz-Maulsbach - Weyerbusch, bus stop Mehren Gemeindehaus or Niedermaulsbach


57635 Hirz-Maulsbach, Mehrener Straße

56.678832, 7.491614


No special equipment is required.


Half-timbered village Mehren

Great beech forests (especially in spring)

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