Hiking Trail

Kleiner Wäller "Path of the Senses" - walking path

Route profile

Length / Distance 2,6 km
Rise 49 hm
Descent 45 hm
Duration 0,7 h
Highest point 309 hm
Lowest point 264 hm


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If you have children, this walk through the hills around Werkhausen is a great idea. I enjoy the "path of the senses" to the full: At the beginning I climb a few meters of altitude to then enjoy the wonderful view of the typical landscape of the Westerwald. Afterwards, meadow paths and field paths as well as various sensory stations along the way await me. For example, I practice on a balancing beam, try out a play of colors, put my hand in feeler boxes and snack on the offerings of various flower beds. The barefoot path is also a lot of fun, because it tickles the soles of my feet. All my senses like smelling, tasting, seeing and feeling as well as hearing are kept busy. Of course, nature also comes into its own, because on the way there are always wide views of the surroundings.

Brief description

This small round tour challenges my senses and lets me experience the wonderful nature.


from B8 from the west via Hasselbach to Werkhausen

from B8 from east in Weyerbusch turn off to Werkhausen

Public transport

There is no connection by bus or train.


57635 Werkhausen, Dorftreff

50.723441, 7.532203


At the start at the village meeting point in Werkhausen, I take a look at the information board, because I have to make sure that I choose the right route. The "Path of the Senses" exists twice, my route runs in large parts along the project of the same name of the local community Werkhausen, but follows a slightly different path at the beginning.

I walk counterclockwise once around the village and try out again and again sensory stations such as the sound fence or the sound of the brook. First, I walk a few meters to the main road and follow it for about 100 meters until it meets Fichtenstraße. There I turn left and walk a few meters on the road. Before the first houses I turn right onto a meadow path slightly hidden between hedges and trees. At the top I turn left on the meadow path and after a short time I come back to the tarred path. I follow this slightly uphill along many different sensory stations. On the way benches invite to a comfortable rest or a small picnic. At the highest point I turn immediately to the left and go on a dirt road downhill again. At the bottom I see the village community center on the left in a short distance, but I turn right and immediately left again and briefly follow the main road in the direction of the village Werkhausen. Behind the first houses, the path branches off to the left again and leads me across a meadow with more sensory stations back to my starting point.


No special equipment is required.


Kultur Im Tal (angrenzend)


Werkhausen, village meeting

Starting Point

Werkhausen, village meeting

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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