Journey to the magic mountain of Breitscheid

Holiday special: Guided tours of the Breitscheid Magic Mountain.

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Holiday Special Journey to the Magic Mountain Holiday guided tours to the Breitscheid Magic Mountain. The Herbstlabyrinth stalactite cave in Breitscheid offers additional guided tours during the Hessian school holidays. Guided tours of the Magic Mountain take place at Easter, in summer and in autumn. There are always new things to discover during the tour through the huge button hall: a wide variety of beautiful stalactite shapes, the cave walls shaped interestingly by water, water drops sparkling in the light and much more. The well-trained cave guides can tell you a lot about the formation of the cave and its stalactites, about the animals that live or used to live in the cave and about the work of the speleologists. In addition, the very special atmosphere of the cave can be experienced. The journey into the magic mountain lasts one hour. As the number of participants is limited for each guided tour and to avoid waiting times, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Be enchanted by the variety of stalactites in the most beautiful light and enjoy a special kind of cave experience for one hour in the Herbstlabyrinth Breitscheid show cave with a unique guided tour concept. The Herbstlabyrinth advent cave system is the largest cave system in Hessen and one of the most important in Germany. Its total passage length is currently over 13000 m with a difference in altitude of 102 m. The Knöpfchenhalle is the largest single room in the cave. In 2009, it was opened to the public through an artificial gallery with 124 steps. The Herbstlabyrinth show cave is one of the most modern show caves in Europe due to its innovative lighting and a walkway construction made of GRP material, and it is the first dripstone cave with a complete LED lighting concept.

Tickets online right here and on the ticket hotline 0231 917 2290.

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Holiday special: Guided tours of the Breitscheid Magic Mountain.

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